“I’M ME.”

Life requires every human being to be able to stand firmly on their do’s and don’ts, likes and dislikes, rejections and possessions. This ability is what makes up our self-worth and builds self-esteem,in a way that credibility or validation from anybody does not matter. Fortunately, many people have come and are still coming to the actualisation of this mind concept. Many, so full of confidence, regardless of bad circumstances, come and and show their reality. Hence, the phrase “I’m Me.” has become a popular saying.

However,it is really very unfortunate that the inner contents of this common speech do not matter to people. Someone says or does something which on a norm, is unheard of… Instead of gently correcting the person, we do otherwise, saying ‘it’s better to be real than feign what you are not.’ Yes, no one is disputing the fact that fake life should be a no-no for every normal person, but that shouldn’t limit our IQ to accepting the shenanigans and wrongs of people, all for the sake of being real. Definitely not!

From the Islamic view, it’s totally out of point. Allah laid down rules and regulations, (e.g., He tells females who have attained puberty to cover up their body, in such a way, that the body features won’t be visible to men with whom we share no relations, e.t.c.) and instructed us to adhere to them. To His Glory, a very good number are upholding the orders to the best of their abilities, but we still see some people stand in opposition to these commands. For instance, some sisters take pictures with/without their Hijabs on, and then post them on social media. In response, we click on the like button and make really nice remarks… For Allah’s sake,this is just not right. If we can’t be courageous enough to correct them, it’s better to just scroll past the pics. The inability of people to accept corrections shouldn’t cause a ‘bad mutation’ to our thinking faculty. Khalas!

To conclude with, I feel that no one can judge anyone unless the consent to,is given. If you know for sure that what you’re doing is truly right, no matter where castigation is coming from, you’ll be at ease with yourself. Let’s train ourselves to correct people in the right way and also take to corrections. CORRECTION is not CONDEMNATION. Be realistic; don’t pretend; don’t live a fake life, but be sensible. Don’t let the world’s way of thinking automatically dictate your culture. Be YOU in every sense, but be the BETTER YOU!


Bragging; gripping; effectively functioning,
I attract tributes; moi precision is a big thing.
Elements from far and wide seek my attention,
Planet earth will be a mess if I refuse infusion.
So worthy I am, e’en plants feel my presence.
The immortal made me completely full of essence.

There’s a small beautiful niche in the heart of the universe
It’s filled with treasures like the flowers in a flower vase
Once, it thrived well and strived to reach my apogee
Now, the growth is stunted without an iota of apology
It’s predecessors treated me with value although they had little
In spite of abundance, the heirs deem me a worthless prickle.

A nice number of them are trying to come o’er
But the stupidity of their elders make it so difficult than e’er
The bad state that I’ve been put in is really irritable
They’ll surely be dealt with, with me, their tiniest offence is punishable
Who am I? What is this place that’s swimming in quagmire?
I’m called EDUCATION and I speak of NIGERIA .

Upcoming patriots, the job is on you.
Struggle, be steadfast, just like the first of you.
My heart will be here to honour thy sweats
It’ll be worth it when the poison finally melts
Don’t give up until this odour has not an atom of trace
Education is expensive, but it’s all for the race.